About KMK Property Management

KMK Property Management was established in 2008.  KMK serves the Mad River Valley with a full service property management and solar installation group. We specialize in the care and upkeep of commercial, private, and rental properties. Our services include snow removal, landscaping/gardening installation and maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, full room or unit renovations, drywalling, and much more! With an extensive history in solar installation, KMK can service all of your solar needs from a personal unit to a full solar field. Check out our full list of services to see what may work for your particular needs!

KMK Property Management has a full array of equipment ranging from basic tools to a full fleet of trucks, plows, loaders, excavators and more to handle the scope of any project. 

Meet the Team 


Chad, the owner of KMK Property Management, started the company in 2008 and initially focused on residential properties. Born and raised in the Mad River Valley, Chad is an avid skier and general outdoor enthusiast often with his two dogs, Goose and Maverick, in tow. He lives right in Warren and remains heavily involved in every project that KMK takes on to ensure high quality and consistency in all of our work.  


Garrett joined KMK as a full time Property Manager in December 2020. With an extensive background in construction and renovation, Garrett has opened up the possibility for KMK to offer a wider variety of services to all of our clients. 


Tabor Wilson


Vinny is a senior at Harwood Union and a great member of the KMK team. In late 2020, Vinny took over KMK's constantly growing composting service which is offered to our residential, commercial and condominium clients


Mark, Chad's dad, joined KMK shortly after its inception allowing the company to quickly expand into commercial and condominium property management. With 20+ years of experience in Property Management, Mark has extensive experience in managing condos, maintaining pools, grounds and water systems, His knowledge of the operational and infrastructure side of condos provides an invaluable asset to KMK and our clients.  


Siemen joined KMK in 2020 and works on a variety of renovation projects


Miles is in his third year with KMK. He takes responsibility for many of our contracted weekly and monthly services in residential, commercial and condominium settings


Jackson is a student at Harwood Union and works with KMK on a variety of projects from general property maintenance to renovations